The K-W-L strategy stands for what I Know, what I Want to learn, and what I did Learn. By activating students’ background knowledge, it improves comprehension of expository text. This is best used by grades 3-12.

You can have students create their own KWL chart, or simply google image search it and you’ll find tons of examples. I have included this chart as a good starting point.

A. “Know” Step:

  • Initiate discussion with the students about what they already know about the topic of the text.
  • Start by using a brainstorm procedure. Ask the students to provide information about where and how they learned the information.
  • Help them organize the brainstormed ideas into general categories.

    B. “Want to Learn” Step:

  • Discuss with the students what they want to learn from reading an article.
  • Ask them to write down the specific questions in which they are more interested.

    C. “What I Learned” Step:

  • Ask the students to write down what they learned from the reading.
  • Ask them to check the questions they had generated in the “Want to Learn” Step.