Social stories are an easy intervention to implement; however, they can sometimes be difficult to start. This website provides a variety of social stories for you to edit to fit your student. Social stories are particularly helpful with children on the autism spectrum in understanding social norms and expectations, but they can be used with any child having difficulty.

 File Choices and HaveTo Do.pdf(PDF -160 KB)

Being First(DOC -542 KB)

Lunch time in school(DOC -93 KB)

Going to Art(DOC -124 KB)

My Body(DOC -555 KB)

File Taking Turns.ppt(PPT -364 KB)

Halloween(DOC -418 KB)

Picking my fingers(DOC -198 KB)

Saying Hello(PPT -203 KB)

I am mad social story(PPT -0.98 MB)

Passing Gas(PPT -223 KB)

Proximity when talking(PPT -900 KB)

I need a tissue(PDF -122 KB)

Places to scream(PDF -188 KB)

Places to draw(PDF -269 KB)

Playing Games(PDF -884 KB)

Sneezing and Coughing Social Story(DOC -1.49 MB)

My Body(DOC -556 KB)

What I can lick(PDF -1.33 MB)

Kissing Social Story(PPT -146 KB)

Power Card – Picking fingers(PDF -102 KB)

File Dominos.ppt(PPT -9.32 MB)

File Bowling Social Story.doc(DOC