This intervention comes from , which was forwarded to me by my mom–a special education teacher in Kansas. Outsmarting Explosive Behavior is a visual system of support and intervention for individuals with autism spectrum disorders (ASD); however, as with many interventions, this can also be used for children not on the spectrum.

Tantrums and meltdowns are among the greatest challenges presented by ASD, often leaving parents and educators searching for answers. Outsmarting Explosive Behavior is a visual program, laid out as a fold-out poster, that can be individualized for each user. Four train cars (other options also available…see below) represent the four stages of explosive behavior:

Starting out, Picking up Steam, Point of No Return, and Explosion

By using visuals to appeal to children with ASD (again, also for children not on the spectrum but this would typically appeal to younger children), this program makes it easy to help them identify their current state and take steps to decrease the chances of a meltdown.

Here are links to various point/token systems available by digital download, or feel free to save $1.99 and create your own!