Description: Line Up Balls is a strategy for encouraging children to line up the first time asked. It comes from: My mom is a special education teacher in an elementary school and used this with one of her students. She noted good progress and said he will even ask for his line-up ball if she forgets to give it to him!

Materials: Small porcupine balls (see link above. If purchased from their links, will donate a percentage of your purchase to

How it works: If students line up when the timer sounds and when the teacher asks them to, they would get to hold one of the “line up balls” while they walked in the hallway. The teacher who created the strategy thought the students might not want to return the balls when they got back to the classroom so she told them enthusiastically that they get to put the balls in her pocket. She has been using this intervention with three different groups of students (2-3 students per group, ages 4-8) and reported that it works to encourage them to line up right away, and she has not had problems with the students putting the balls in her pocket when they returned to the classroom.