I recently learned about this intervention from a summer workshop I attended. While it says grades 1-4, I think it can be modified to fit most grades, depending on your focus.


1. large graph chart paper with 1 inch squares

2. 1 can/bag of letters, 1 can/bag of numbers


1. Write letters (e.g., A to L) on the left side of the grid, and numbers (e.g., 1 to 12) along the top.  When you want to reward a child or a group, for whatever your positive criteria are, just write the child’s initials in one of the squares. It’s very important to try and “catch” those students who don’t typically perform the behavior.  For example, if you want to work on students raising their hands to answer/ask questions, try really hard to especially catch that student who you would like to exhibit the behavior consistently.

2. When the chart is full, have a neutral student randomly draw one letter and one number from the cans/bags and call it out as in Battleship (e.g., “G-8”).

3. The student with initials in that square wins whatever prize you wish. You may wish to use the Mystery Motivator or have a menu of predetermined rewards that the student can choose.

4. You may wish to call out multiple squares for even more winners.  The children soon learn which good behavior gets recognized, and that they have a better chance at winning the more times they appear on the chart.