• The “Problem Solved” materials assist parents and teachers in helping students make sense of challenging mathematics concepts and procedures.  At the heart of the materials are short videos depicting characters solving real-life problems by making sense of mathematics.  In addition to the videos, the supplementary resources engage students in representing and solving problems. Videos start at Rational Counting and go all the way through high school concepts. I just watched the rational counting video and it did a great job of pointing out errors that children may make when learning to count objects (e.g., some don’t know the last number they say when counting is the total number, the more spread out items are does not change the number of items, etc.)


  • Also part of the makingsenseonline.org website is “Thinking Aloud”, which is designed to help you help your students make sense of challenging literacy concepts. The Knowledge Seekers make their thinking explicit by “Thinking Aloud.” By sharing the invisible thought processes that are going on inside their heads as they read, write, speak, listen, and view, the Knowledge Seekers share the “secret” of how to make sense of literacy with your students. The supplementary resources provide your students the opportunity to try these strategies or processes flexibly for themselves.